Free to Fall was founded by Vanessa Imberger, a textile designer working and living in Healesville. With a BA in Graphic Design from RMIT and a Diploma in Screen-Printing and Textiles, Vanessa applies her love of colour, texture and pattern to her design process. Taking inspiration from her surroundings, she draws on patterns and repetition found in everyday objects to create bold and dynamic designs.

After a 5 year hiatus working as a high school art and design teacher, Free to Fall was finally launched in 2018. With her love of design and textiles remaining an important part of her life, Vanessa decided to combine her skillset, designing a homewares range made of her screen printed fabrics alongside an educational program. This program consists of printing workshops based in her Healesville studio, in addition to incursions in both primary and secondary schools.

Drawing her designs by hand and transferring them to silk screens, Vanessa hand-prints fabric lengths in her studio which are then sewn by a Melbourne based seamstress. As a designer of products, Vanessa understands the importance of reducing her environmental impact. Therefore all the inks that are used are water based, eco-friendly and custom mixed, before being printed onto sustainable fabrics, such as linen, cotton and hemp.